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They moved the experiment to a table to monitor and record the falling drip with a webcam, allowing all present to watch.

The pitch dripped around pm on 11 July 2013, marking the first time that a pitch drop was successfully recorded on camera.

Some time after the seventh drop fell in 1988, air conditioning was added to the location where the experiment takes place.

Most webcams have at least one lens sensor designed to capture smooth, lag-free video.

In the Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow are two pitch-demonstrations by Lord Kelvin from the 19th century.

Kelvin placed on top of a dish of pitch some bullets, and corks at the bottom: over time, the bullets sank and the corks floated.

Lord Kelvin also showed that the pitch flows like glaciers, with a mahogany ramp that allowed it to slide slowly downward and form similar shapes and patterns to rivers of ice in the Alps.

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