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Demographics are basically the places, groups and interests that you spend your time in.The idea of demographics is that you’ll have a high percentage of meeting someone who has the similar values and who values the same interests or passions as you do.I feel more comfortable with girls who are working or older than me. ) saying: one should not shit where they’re eating. As long as both of you are responsible and accountable to your own emotions and feelings and not bring them into the office, dating each other is alright. This is our social circles, our secondary friends, our Junior College/Polytechnic groups, our University groups.Social circles are the run of the mill to expand one’s dating opportunities.This causes a lot more friction in the Asian culture than other cultures, and personal experience backs it up.

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It’s important to build a robust social circle based on your personal pursuits and goals in life.

I noticed that many Singaporeans put too much weight on academic success and forget that University is one of the last periods of one’s life where you get to meet a lot of people in one environment.

I’m also surprised that many of these students don’t leverage off their University platforms to expand their network, get to know more people and chase more girls. Joining a co-curricular activity in school is one of the best outlets to expand your social circle.

People hang out with people who value the same things as them.

It’s a good opportunity to join interest groups based on your hobbies, passions and interests.