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Calvin: Wow, they don't kid around when they say "for mature audiences." WARNING/GUARANTEE: This album contains material which a truly free society would neither fear nor suppress.In some socially retarded areas, religious fanatics and ultra-conservative political organizations violate your First Ammendment Rights by attempting to censor rock & roll albums.In their pagan temples were sacred statues depicting gay sex acts.In Babylon, people sacrificed and prayed to gods and goddesses requesting sexual favors and carnal pleasures.

Accordingly, MTV and the producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed on this show.

Homosexuality is an abomination according to the Bible (Leviticus ). Homosexuality goes contrary to nature as well as the Word of God. It is man's evil heart that causes him to behave like animals.

Romans chapter one goes into depth explaining the progression of wickedness that leads to a homosexual lifestyle.

We feel that this is un-Constitutional and un-American.

As an alternative to these government-supported programs (designed to keep you docile and ignorant).