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"This is one of those things, you know, which everybody knows is going on and happening, but evidence is very scarce," he says.He adds that the power of the people who run the madrassas has increased over the years."Basic responsibility, when something happens, is with the head of the madrassa," says Mufti Mohammed Naeem, the head of the sprawling Jamia Binoria madrassa in the city of Karachi.

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"There are thousands of incidences of sexual abuse in the madrassas," he says.

The government has launched a nationwide effort to register madrassas.

The "keepers" of madrassas are also notoriously reluctant to accept government oversight or embrace reforms, according to IA Rehman of the independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, which makes sexual abuse harder to prevent.

And the third was of a 10-year-old boy sodomized by the madrassa principal when he brought him his meal. The AP is not naming the children because they are victims of sexual abuse.

The fear of clerics was evident at the courthouse in Kehrore Pakka, where the former teacher of Parveen's son waited his turn to go before a judge. " (A Pakistani boy who was allegedly raped by a mullah sits on a swing in Kehror Pakka) How madrassas work There are more than 22,000 registered madrassas or Islamic schools in Pakistan.