Validating a registered trademark

We keep your registrars happy through regular reporting and provide a very high level of customer support to your applicants.

Further information For further information on our validation services, including our flexible pricing models or a demonstration of our systems, please email [email protected] call us on 44 (0) 20 7421 8299.

Hits can be sent to the Measurement Protocol Validation Server via any method currently supported by the Measurement Protocol.

It is furthermore recommended that the format for the subsequent translation of the patent and claims of a German or French european patent meets the recommendations outlined in the Patent Guidelines, “In the interest of the Danish publication, validation should preferably not be undertaken exclusively via fax.

This document describes how to validate Google Analytics Measurement Protocol hits.

We operate a very effective appeals process whereby rejected applicants have access to a helpline via email or telephone.This requirement is regarded by some as a minor detour on the road to go live; others see this as a chance to build a successful registry, winning registrations from rights owners, community stakeholders and local supporters. We offer a complete solution that reflects local legal principles and cultural sensitivities.Whatever you want to achieve from your launch, we are here to help you. We validate all types of data including: If a name is recorded in an appropriate online database and the owner is clearly identified in that database, we can undertake a validation.Our results Our reputation is built upon our work with the . We have created a secure, state of art Operations Centre in London.If required, we can also build a local team at the heart of your community and train local language experts to provide customer service.