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trouble updating zone alarm-80

but if i shut down zone alarm compleatly then its fine, is there a way to allow unrestricted accsess to this site through zone alarm with out shutting it down compleatly??? Also explain what you have done with appremover, there is not ZA uninstall feature in that application. More information you post about your system and the problem you are experiencing more likely other users here will be able to help.ok well first of all i should fill you in, my university has an online tutoring program that basically manages all of my course such as assignment submissions, assignment details, course information and basicall y everything that i need to partake in the course is online through this system called "blackboard".When a new version of ZA is applied, XP prevents old files from being replaced by new files because of certificate verification mismatches. This doesn't affect the computer or registry in any way.When the new ZA is installed, registry entries for the old installation are still valid as they simply point to newer versions of the exact same files in the exact same pathways. If you downloaded it anywhere but here, you may want to verify it by right-clicking it, selecting the "Edit" option, and comparing it to this text:rd /s /q C:\"Program Files"\"Zone Labs"rd /s /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zonelabsdel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsconfig.xmldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsdata.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsdatant.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsinit.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsmonapi.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vspubapi.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsregexp.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsutil.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vswmi.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\Vsxml.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlcomm.dlldel /q C:\WINDOWS\system32\zlcommdb.dllend Any other text should be removed.