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Although attempts were made to mine the Pioneer reef in the late 1940s, they were unsuccessful.

A recent programme of diamond drilling carried out by the Mines Department failed to locate any mineralisation of economic grade.

It aspires to promote publications of written materials in the areas of Islamic economics, finance, banking, capital markets, takaful and law.

The inaugural issue was published in December 2009. welcomes quality papers from subjects of higher education and development, quality assurance and evaluation in higher education, research development of higher education and its practices, and other topics related higher education and development. is interested in the publication and diffusion of articles of rigorous theoretical, methodological or empirical research associated with the areas of business economics, including strategy, finance, management, marketing, organization, human resources, operations, and corporate governance, and tourism.

A new event, which has been dubbed the “anti-Tinder,” is coming to Canberra on September 20!

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In order to accomplish our purpose, the articles go through a rigorous process of evaluation and selection, according to international editorial conventions. This journal advocates for and disseminates timely research in the areas of logistics, operations research and supply chain management that makes a practical impact on solving problems germane to both inside the defense community, and those who do business with or are otherwise affected by the defense community. is a fully peer reviewed refereed journal, published bi-annually and aimed at academicians as well as practitioners.

IMR's main objective is to disseminate the intellectual production in the field of technological, organizational and market innovation.

Never think that an area has been "done over" as it has been proven time after time that gold can still be found ...today., which was worked in the early 1880s, between 19, in 1910, 1912, and the late 1940s.

Emerald now offers a new publishing service for this research, with the journal content published open access on its dedicated research platform.

Emerald is also able to support partners with a range of services that help convert peer reviewed papers into professional publications both in print and online.