Onupdating event

The option is then to either manually copy the code - or potentially add these unaffected objects to source control from there (thus, creating your own baseline copy like prepare would have done).

control, already binding values from the database and displaying them, with the ability to add and delete entries from the table.

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Even though you get the source you don't worry about it going into source control or building and compiling it, because essentially you have the binaries already in the update which is ready to deploy to other non-dev environments, and you always get the whole source anyway - as opposed to deltas of just changed objects.This is simple source control logic but many people forget this.You want to check-in the original versions of the objects prior to applying the hotfix.This topic discusses the two methods of customizing source code and metadata of model elements - overlayering and extensions and details supported extension capabilities.You can customize source code and metadata of model elements that are shipped by Microsoft or third-party Microsoft partners.