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After completing the underwriting, the insurance company will place you in one of the three basic categories of drivers listed below.

Each company adopts its own rating system for deciding whether to insure a person.

The Guide does not include all companies, but shows the top companies based on market share.

These companies write over 80% of the coverage sold in Kansas The Guide is not meant to be an endorsement of any company.

It’s not uncommon to have juveniles automatically assigned to your most expensive car.A brief description of the six basic coverages is provided here.Generally speaking, two factors govern what you pay for auto insurance: Underwriting and Rating Underwriting is when an insurance company considers your application for auto coverage, it will take into account a number of different factors about you and your driving habits.While these examples may not fit your situation exactly, they can provide a useful way to compare the range of premiums offered. The rates are not likely to be the exact amounts that you will be quoted.Your actual rates will depend on factors such as your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive and the number of persons and vehicles on your policy.