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Suspected cannabis farmers may be given a ‘get-out-of-jail card’ when police ask them if they are slaves.

Figures show there has been a huge surge in suspected forced labour used to feed the nation’s £1billion cannabis habit.

Police chiefs were urged last night to abandon ‘silly stunts’ and get officers back on the beat.

They were told their increasingly bizarre gimmicks are undermining the job of tackling crime.

The force posted images of officers pampering themselves with the catchline ‘Let’s Nail It’.

It was also revealed this week that stressed-out officers are recovering from tragedies by cuddling puppies.

They have no money and a lot to tackle on their patches.‘In many cases these gimmicky events don’t cost much and are an easy way of showing something is being done.’ Male and female staff were encouraged to wear garish neon nail varnish while on patrol to raise awareness of people-trafficking in nail bars.

Officers excitedly tweeted about ‘pampering’ themselves before shifts, and posted photos of their lurid nails while they were on patrol.

Yet shocking figures out this week showed that almost every type of crime is up, with knife offences alone rising by a quarter.

Nine out of ten home burglaries are unsolved.‘They have forgotten what their purpose is,’ said Mick Neville, a retired senior Scotland Yard detective.‘Too many modern chief constables have got more degrees under their belts than arrests. 'The reason they do not investigate crime is they have never done it themselves.

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