Facebook naked chat

Her barrister Peter Wright QC said she was terrified at the prospect of prison and ‘distraught and inconsolable’.

The ill-fated drugs case ultimately involved more than 10,000 pages of evidence, 500 witnesses, 14 barristers, five juries and over 160 days in court.

The victim might also have deleted the image after sharing it with someone who then kept a copy. Even if the victim still has a copy, the hashing system may be easy to circumvent.

According to Davis, preemptively submitted images will be viewed by a "specially trained representative from our community operations team," to check the photos are actually legit nude snaps and not an attempt to censor other images from the platform.

It is possible to generate a robust set of signatures for each image: each picture could be reduced to a basic low color, low resolution form with the center area of the frame hashed to potentially defeat a miscreant's attempts to evade the filters by cropping, defacing or color washing the snap.

A set of signatures could be generated for each combination of flipping the photo along its X and Y axises and for every degree of rotation, all 360 of them or every five degrees or whatever.

This would create a collection of digital fingerprints per photo, which subsequently uploaded snaps need to be run by.

At least a quarter of a million pictures are posted on Facebook every minute, on average, so that's a lot of signature checks. We hope Facebook is using robust signatures, and not flimsy hashes that are useless against basic image-editing tools.