Ending dating before relationship

Once you can accept this – that your Narcissist will never truly love you, you have taken the first step on your way to letting go.The first stage of detachment begins when you stop taking the blame for everything in your relationship and you start to realize that there is something wrong with the man that you’re involved with.If you’ve been involved with a Narcissist, you have likely been doubting what your senses have been telling you.You have invested so much and to walk away without a return on your investment seems unfathomable.Narcissists are vengeful creatures, so any way big or small that they can stick it to you, they will.Do not expect benevolence or understanding – Narcissists are incapable of this.

One of my favourite pastimes is to hike through nature and I couldn’t image not being able to experience the rich emeralds of the forest, or the vibrant reds of the maple trees in the fall. Just because I can’t perceive what he perceives, does not change his reality.There is a process that can help you move through the stages and its one I’ve used with great effectiveness: If you are the one to end the relationship, you may at first see some upset in your Narcissist. They may say and do exactly what they think you want hear. These men are accomplished actors, at this point you have heard it all before and you have watched all of their promises go unfulfilled.They may seem hurt, but they are not hurting for you. If you both live in your house, give him a firm date on when he is expected to move out.Your leaving will cause Narcissistic Injury, so expect a tidal wave of negativity and drama to come your way.Hold your ground, ignore it and just ride the waves.