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Picture yourself being relaxed, confident, at ease and enjoying a wonderful time out. Seventy-Thirty members are often coached on their body language which is an often-neglected area of focus. Don’t talk about nightmare exes, bad dates you’ve suffered, or horrible primary school stories. Intelligence is an attractive quality and it also makes you stand out from the crowd. Seventy Thirty’s founder, Susie Ambrose, comments, “Our clients come to us, the experts, as they share a desire for a partner and a committed long-term relationship.

Is the subtext of your communication or body language putting him/her off in myriad subtle but nevertheless powerful ways ? Our members value discretion and expect a top level of service in exclusive matchmaking, as they do in all the other aspects of their busy lives.” Jane Reid - Journalist, Editor & Emerald Princess of Slow, Sustainable Luxury Living - 18 year track record interviewing real icons for: The Times, The Lady, You, The Mirror and Country Life.

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Both partners go straight ahead and ask what they want to know.

Locking Lips Enhancing the Lip Lock Community Q&A Lip locking is a very basic yet sensual form of kissing that involves sealing or “locking” your partner's lips in between your own.

To perfect the lip lock, lean in with your eyes closed until your lips meet, then gradually shift your position so that your top and bottom lip seal around your partner's lower lip for a slow, comfortable period of time.

You should not worry about the time – moderator whistles to show the time to change the chatting partner.

Because of these rules, speed dating session goes really smooth and entertaining.