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I'm sure with the next purchase of a later Jeep that will be taken care of. The 4-wheel-drive is everything that you'd expect from a Jeep, and the suspension is just as great.

I've been able to take it up 30% incline roads with absolute ease and have it drive just as well on your typical main street.

They will collect your personal information and a fee and then mail you a blank application form and tell you to go to the local office to complete an application. Do not let them scam you or phish your personal information. com / This company charged me for a fraudulent and useless service Internet [email protected] 3 Delmas Delivery Shipping Service [email protected] they are trying to use real paypal,as a header but email is different.

The forms they were 'helping' you with are free, and you can only apply through an appropriate government office.

The fuel economy does leave something to be desired.It's a vehicle that's perfect for someone who is solely dependent on themselves and wouldn't trust another car to do the job.It fits in with my rugged personality, because I wanted a car that could possibly take a beating here and there.I'm sure with the next purchase of a later Jeep that will be taken care of.Other than that I really do not have any con's other than the gas mileage.