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Sam Cieri sits on a stool in front of a plain white backdrop and fidgets, trying to find the right look. ” he asks, grabbing a pair of Ray-Bans off a nearby table and affecting a sly smirk.But Max Schwartz, the professional photographer who is working out of his East Williamsburg apartment, just wants him to relax.I figured people wanted to look the best they can, especially for dating. ” As these success stories show, a good photo can be the difference between a swipe left and a swipe right.Before: In her original Tinder profile photo, Sardina sits in front of a slot machine nearly twice her size. “It was kind of hard to tell what she looked like,” Schwartz says.“We live in a digital age, especially a digital age of dating,” he says.“Everybody is so quick to be judgmental, unfortunately, on first impressions.

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Her nose ring and a slight but cute smile are on view.Before: “She doesn’t look terrible in it, but it’s definitely not showing who she is or what she looks like,” says Schwartz of Bullock’s original black-and-white side profile shot, taken on a city street.“It seems a little too posed and planned.” That photo led to a few “flaky” matches who didn’t follow through.“Dude, your laughing ones are where it’s at,” he says.After snapping a few dozen pictures, Schwartz picks a winner: a charming shot that shows off Cieri’s winning smile.