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He then takes Barry and proceeds to drop him in to a pot of hot boiling water.However, he missed and instead dropped Barry to the floor where in his attempt to pick Barry up, he knocked the pot of water off the oven and the boiling water landed on his back.

However, if he did that he would have just starved to death.

It's possible the drugs helped make him fat cause certain drugs like marijuana causes the person to have increased appetite and start overeating.

At the beginning of the movie he just took bath salts with excitement without any idea what bath salts would do.

Katy Perry pens a song, ripping ex-boyfriend Travis Mc Coy for his druggie ways.

They say the best revenge you can take on your ex is to live well, but, for Katy Perry, the greatest revenge is evidently to write a song about your former drug addict ex and then publicize it to your financial benefit., is all about Travis Mc Coy, whom Katy dated on and off through-out 2008.