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I need one with a big screen and that is fast when using the internet.If you know about these things and wish to get Me the biggest and best currently available, please do.Please notify Me via e-mail when you send a gift so I can look for it and more importantly so I know who the gift is from.I have been booked daily with back-to-back sessions since My actual birthday last week and I have barely been getting to My desk to check e-mail.He allows the whip to maneuver as it was designed to do.The whip comes to life in Robert's hand and dances, often while it appears as if Robert is doing little more than standing and holding the whip.

Watching him handle a bullwhip is mystical, although "handle" does not seem quite the right word.

My sub's service was generally outstanding; however, I used this opportunity for fine-tuning his behavior and, needless to say, he got into trouble and was promptly punished with a solid spanking and a sound slap across the face . I believe I am current with e-mails and phone messages pertaining to immediate scheduling matters, but My inbox is full and I may have missed something.

If you are waiting to hear back on a time-sensitive subject, send a polite reminder.

To start here with a side note, you may be as startled to learn this fact as I was, but not all whip makers and users are BDSM scene-friendly.

Some whip makers even claim they will not sell their whips to "those kinds of people." Fortunately times are changing and it is easier to find open-minded (or at least capitalistic) whip makers and sellers from who you can purchase quality whips for use on that special person.