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Birds, land-dwelling mammals, plants, and reptiles join the sea inhabitants in every kid's favorite Charleston attraction.

The emphasis is on participation, so in addition to the two-story, 385,000-gallon aquarium tank, where there are daily interactive shows, you'll find Shark Shallows, where you can touch sharks and rays, and a touch tank with starfish and other creatures.

A well-preserved Southern belle, Charleston personifies the romantic notion of the Old South, with its aristocratic homes surrounded by lush foliage and its atmospheric brick streets.

In 1773, Charleston was described as the wealthiest town in the American South, and today, it retains perhaps more than any other, the ambiance of plantation society.

You can take a guided tour of the house, visit an Antebellum cabin, take a boat tour, see exhibits, and take younger visitors to a nature center and petting zoo.

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At the heart of the Historic District is its icon and most visited attraction, the Charleston City Market.In addition to its fully furnished plantation house, Middleton Place is further distinguished by America's oldest landscaped gardens.Stretching in a magnificent series of descending terraces, hedged galleries, and pools, the grounds show off their symmetrical 17th-century European design.A walk or carriage ride through the Historic District feels like traveling back in time to the old days of Charleston.Magnificent historic homes, churches, and other buildings (Charleston has more than 1,400 historic structures) line the streets, some housing museums, such as the Old Exchange Building and Old Slave Mart Museum.