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Others thought it would be just fine as a series of landscaped gardens.

In 2013, city parks officials proposed a more modest fix called More Park, Less Way, which offered a series of low-cost programming ideas to lure people to the Parkway daily, not just for big events.Her popular column, "Changing Skyline", has been appearing on Fridays in the paper’s Home & Design section since 1999.In 2012, she completed a Loeb Fellowship at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design.The Parkway has also become the route of choice for races and parades.The frequency of such events means the boulevard is regularly unusable as either a park or a street on the weekends between March and September, a period that area residents jokingly call “Parkway Season.” Since it can take days to assemble and then break down the security fences for events like Made in America, the inconvenience and detours bleed into the workweek.