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When you take it out, give it a minute, then press it onto your perineum to get relief. Alternatively, dab witch hazel straight onto your stitches with a cotton pad. About one woman in seven has an episiotomy when giving birth. Occasionally, a small tear can happen near to where you wee (urethra). Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, before and after. Post partum infections: A review for the non-Ob Gyn. Making sure your stitches are clean will help them to heal as well as reduce the risk of infection. This may be left to heal naturally, or you may need to have stitches put in.

Your midwife or obstetrician will ask to examine you after you've given birth to see if you've torn, and if so, how far. There's little evidence that warm baths or essential oils help with healing, but they can be soothing. Sit in the water for about 20 minutes, twice a day. Episiotomy is healing well as the doc told me, taking some antibiotics though. Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust [Accessed November 2017] QG. Queensland Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Guideline: Perineal care. 7 weeks on and am still not able to sit, stand and walk properly.